31 mai 2011

■ Elisa

Elisa Toffoli, better known by his stage name Elisa was born in Trieste in the extreme north of Italy, bordering Slovenia, December 19, 1977, then grew up in Monfalcone.

Elisa is a singer-songwriter, musician, arranger Italian. Although an Italian, Elisa prefer to write his lyrics in English, because she feels free to write. His repertoire consists primarily of Alternative Rock and Pop Rock. However we found some titles without his albums Jazzy styles as Asylum's World or many other styles. Elisa was discovered by the general public to 19 years with the Pipes & Flowers album, but his fame actually began during his participation at the Festival de San Remo 2001 with his song Luce (Tramonti di Nord-Est). The singer has sold over three million albums in Italy in 12-year career, and owns his own publishing Meccanico Sogno.

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